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18 best plugins for wordpress
Best Plugins For WordPress Website

In this video, I’m going to go over 18 of the best plugins for WordPress in 2020. So let’s dive into it. I’m going to be going over a combination of different plugins here and these are all different types of .plugins. So it’s not just going to be SEO plugins, for example, it’s going to be all different ones and I’ve kind of split them up to be a little bit in categories like builders and then SEO, caching or things that are going to speed up your website and so on.

So as I go through this list just know that a lot of these have free versions. Basically each of these plugins is a free version and then a lot of them do have paid versions as well. So let’s go through the list now.

1. Elementor

The first one I want to start off with here is called Elementor may be the most popular WordPress plug-in around these days and I think it’s only going to increase in popularity as time goes on because they offer so much in their free builder but then they also have a pro builder that is just amazing.

You can see it is actually going through some of the things that I can do right here just easily writing a text on a screen and being able to adjust different things just drop in a form right here or there so there are lots of different things that you can do within Elementor and I totally recommend getting their pro version.

If you haven’t used it before maybe you could try out the free version and then upgrade to the pro version. If you want to check some out on how to make a website with Elementor free version I will do some more about the pro version in the future here but I just wanted to at least give people a free option that is trying to make a website out there and Elementor is a great place to start. Visit Official Elementor Website to sign up and get Elementor Plugin for your website.

So the next one is related to Elementor and it’s Happy Addons.

2. Happy Addons

Happy Addons has powerful Elementor widgets to create beautiful websites and again they have a free and a pro version. You can actually just copy and paste in different elements or sections within the pages that you want and create pages within a matter of minutes. There’s a lot of different features on here if we go to the features page it will tell us there’s the cross-domain copy paste as I was saying in the pro version there’s also presets unlimited nesting these are all in the pro version right here.

Image masking, live copy site, sync floating effects, there are so many different things in here and there are also ones on the free version as well. There are about 40 free widgets at this time I believe. So if you wanted to check out happy addon, feel free to use the link in this article and here are a lot of options that they have activated on here. I totally recommend checking it out and I’m going to post articles on this as well coming out soon.

So another one I plan to write about is Brizy. Visit Official Happy Addons Website

3. Brizy

Brizy has a free and a pro version and it’s a builder somewhat similar to Elementor but they have many different pre-made elements or sections that you can just drag and drop right into your Builder. You can add different blocks If you’re gonna create a website live. I feel like they’re still developing a lot of features within Brizzy.

But it is something I think that is going to need to be on people’s radars if they’re going to be developing a lot of websites for clients and things like that. I would still probably cater a little bit more toward element or at this time but Brizy is an option that you’re going to be able to use in the next year or two and it’s definitely worth trying if you want to try out a new builder.

So the next one over here is an SEO plugin and it’s Yoast SEO.

4. Yoast SEO

This is the plugin that I use right now for SEO but that might be changing here in the future. This SEO plugin is the number one WordPress SEO plugin. There’s plenty of tutorials online about how to use it. It’s a great way to get started if you’re just getting into creating websites and you want to rank within Google or at least be pushing your pages in your post in the right direction to be recognized by Google of what you’re trying to rank for.

It’s definitely one I recommend for using the free version I really don’t think that their premium version offers a whole lot more than their free version In my opinion. So I would recommend going with the free version If you had the option.

5. Rank Math

If we go over to Rank Math this one actually just recently got implemented into Elementor and it’s now built into elementor plugin. so it’s pretty amazing that they have this and you can download it for free here or use it with any elementor plugin. I think this one is just going to get more popular and it already had a lot of popularity behind it before it was built into Elementor. But now it’s probably going to go to a whole new level and I really just recommend you check this out as another SEO option for a plugin if Yoast isn’t working well for you.

6. WP Fastest Cache

So another option here that I recommend for a free version is WPfastest cache and that is a caching plugin that can help speed up your website. So I use WP rocket on some of my sites and then ones that I don’t use WProcket on I use this plugin WP fastest cache.

WP rocket is only a paid version and this WP fastest cache has a paid and a free version so I would recommend checking this out if you’re looking for a free option for a plugin. If not I would go with WP rocket and again I’m gonna have a link to each of those in the description if you’re interested.

7. Smush

So here we have Smush and this is a way to compress and optimize lazy load images. So this is basically just going to make your website faster by compressing images. There are quite a few plugins out there that do this. I’m actually going to cover a few more right now we can go over to short pixel and I do have a pro plan on a short pixel. So this is what I use on my websites but there are options like Smush, Short pixel and Imagify if I if you need to compress images and make your website a little bit faster by doing so.

8. Really Simple SSL

Next, we have really simple SSL and this is something that you would want for your website. Really Simple SSL automatically detects your settings and configures your website to run over HTTPS. Now I know there’s a lot of people that have issues with that but they want to make their website more secure and this is how you can do it with the really simple SSL plugin.

9. Tidio

Another plugin over here for live chat is Tidio and I don’t know if I’m saying that right but this is a chatbot and it’s just a way that you can have live chat with bots right on your site so it’s pretty easy to use. You can actually test it out right on their site and see how it goes. Again you can use this one for free or you can buy a premium plan or a pro plan.

10 – 13. Website Security Plugins: Loginizer, Limit Login Attempts Reloaded And Wordfence

So another one related to security over here is Loginizer and the other one over here is limit along in attempts reloaded these are very similar plugins in a way but they help stop brute-force attacks and I use Loginizer on basically every website I have and you can limit how many attempts people can have to put in the incorrect password when you’re trying to sign into a website.

I really like this feature because it just limits the brute-force attacks that people with malicious intent might be trying to do to your website to hack on your website. You can also set up two-factor authentication re CAPTCHA and more features. So it’s definitely something they should look at either limit login attempts or loginizer. I would recommend having it on basically every website you have.

Among these security plugins, we also have Wordfence and this protects your website with the best WordPress security feature available. is what they say over here they have a cloud fire-wall example and it shows how an attacker can actually get to your server but with an endpoint firewall it’s a lot more difficult because your data is not going to be leaked through the firewall.

A lot of this is a little bit too technical for me to be honest with you but it is a way that you can have more security on your website if that something that you’re worried about.

14 – 16. Form Builders: WP Forms Plugin, Caldera Forms And Happy Forms

So another plug-in over here is a forms plugin. This is the number one drag and drop WordPress form builder out there. I would say that contact form 7 is probably still a little bit more popular but I would think that WP forms are probably the best one for most people and I feel like it’s a little more up to date than contact form 7.

It is which is an alternative to this I would say that I would recommend this one over but I do think it’s a little bit expensive when you go to the pro pricing here and you see what the pricing is actually going to cost for that I guess they have a sale going on right now and you can actually look at the prices and plans right here but it’s going to be a yearly subscription to have a form on your page or have forms on your page.

So I’m not really sure if it’s quite worth it with the pro plan and my personal opinion but you can try it out for yourself and it is integrated into a lot of different sort of sites that Astra has if you want to try it out so another form builder here is caldera forms and this is a free-form builder as well.

Here you can actually upgrade again to a pro version but I like this one it’s pretty easy to just drag and drop different widgets or areas of text boxes that you might need or fields that you might need for your form. It’s pretty easy to use and I like it as an option as an alternative to WP forms and I think it’s a little bit better than contact form 7 as well.

So over here if we go over here’s Happy Forms and this is another form builder. I actually have a tutorial on this from when it first came out on my channel here and if you want to you can search for that but here you can drag and drop different fields right into the form that you’re trying to create.

I really like this one I actually think I might like this one a little bit more than Caldera forms. If I had to order might probably say WP forms then happy forms then caldera forms if I had to choose.

17. Social Sharing Buttons – Grow By Mediavine

And next, I’m gonna go over and jump over to one of my favourite plugins to use on a lot of my blogs and that is Grow by mediavine. Here you can put up social sharing buttons on the either left sidebar of your blog or underneath or even underneath and above your blog post so it’s a really nice plugin. I really like it and I think it just does the job in a simple fashion and lets you have social sharing buttons that look clean on your web sites.

18. Google Analytics

The last one over here that I wanted to touch on was Google Analytics dashboard for WordPress. So this is one that you’re probably going to be pretty familiar with. I’ve also done a tutorial on this one as well and you can set this up in literally a matter of minutes probably about two-three minutes to set this plugin up and then you can track your results and how your website is doing right here within the dashboard of your website.

It’s really helpful just to geta quick view without having to sign in to analytics.google.com Every time you want to look at your analytics. I just like having it there and I like having analytics enable in case maybe sell a website that I’m creating down the road I at least can show people that there has been a good history of traffic on a website or sessions. I can show them real statistics.

I remember the first time I went to sell a website I was not able to sell it because I was using all stats now this is way back in the day so I was using these awstats as my statistics and he wouldn’t accept them. Nobody was accepting him as a buyer. They wanted Google Analytics to see the true traffic and it prevented me from selling that website for about six months until I could show six months worth of traffic with Google Analytics and with this plugin you can have it up and running and you can see that its working daily whenever you log into your website it’ll be right there.

So I hope my list here of 18 of the best WordPress plugins for 2020 was good. I really hope that you found a few gems in here that you didn’t know about or at least plugins that you want to try out for yourself and see if you like almost all. These are rated very highly within the WordPress repository for plugins, so I would definitely check them out if you think it’s something that your website could use or use to improve the overall look and feel for your website again. I hope you found this article to be helpful if you did please consider to give a positive comment. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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