3 Best Plugins For WordPress SEO In 2020

3 Best Plugins For WordPress SEO

Best Plugins For WordPress SEO

Hey, guys welcome to another article on Technical Hawk. Today this article is for all the WordPress users who understand how important SEO is today. We are going to cover 3 Best Plugins For WordPress SEO. Let’s get started.

1. Link Whisper Plugin

So the very first plug-in is called link whisper plug-in which is a premium plug-in what it does is it helps you to build contextual internal link on your website now if you have visited Wikipedia you must have seen how tightly they have internally linked to all their articles and it helps in a lot of ways like one of them is it helps you to reduce the bounce rate. It also has things transferring the link juice from one page to another page and it also helps users to discover new articles on your website which they who they would have missed otherwise.

Now the thing is there has been a lot of internal links plug-in in the past but link whisper takes everything to the next level. It offers a dashboard where you can see all the internal and external links to an article. With a single click, you can actually add internal links to those articles which has zero or very less internal links which actually helps you to boost their ranking as well at the same time.

Now one of the killer features of this plug-in is when you are writing an article in the post editor section it shows you which article you can link with from this articles and it is really fast and something that you must try in 2020. The plug-in cost about $67.

2. Link Builder Plugin

Let’s move to the second plug-in of the day now the second plug-in is called link builder plug-in. This plug-in is a free plug-in. This plug-in is developed by an agency to make the email outreach easier. Now here is what you can do with this plug-in.

Whenever you are writing an article you may be linking to 3-4 different blogs or website now with the help of this plug-in with a single click you can send a thank-you email to all this blogger and webmaster telling them that hey I’ve linked to your article from my blogpost.

If you like you can share it on your social network or add battling. You can be as creative as you want to make your email outreach fun and engaging. Well, this is what this plug-in can do for you and this is something that you should add in your post-publishing process. Now, this plug-in can be downloaded for free from WordPress plug-in repo.

3. Yoast SEO FAQ Schema

The last but I save the best for the last it’s called FAQ feature by Yoast SEO plug-in. Now, this is not a standalone plugin. This is a new feature which is added by the Yoast SEO plug-in. What it does is it helps you to show FAQ schema in google search result just like this as you can see this article and there are like these three questions which are actually generated with the help of FAQ schema feature of Yoast SEO.

Now if this is something we should not doing with your article start doing it you can like whichever keyword you’re targeting using a tool like an answer the public or an SEM rush to find questions that people are asking or maybe you can also use people also ask feature of Google to find what question people are asking

Now answer all this question within your blog post using the FAQ schema plug-in. Of course and it also helps you to make sure that in tomorrow when the voice search will become much wider your blogpost or your articles will be heard there as well now you can use it for any kind of a website as well and with that there we go these are the three WordPress plugins that you should check out in 2020.

Link whisper, Link builder and FAQ schema feature of used SEO and if you have discovered any new interesting WordPress plug-in that we should feature on our post you can email me. I would love to check it out and if it is interesting we’ll share it with the world. With that, if you like this article do comment down below. I will see you in the next article.

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