5 Best Web Hosting For WordPress Website

My 5 Best Web Hosting for WordPress Website or Blog

When you’re making a WordPress website, one of the most important things but surprisingly one of the most overlooked things is your choice of WebHost. So in this article, I’m gonna help you decide which web host is going to be best web hosting for WordPress website you want to make.

Let me go over my top five favourite web posts that I personally used myself and we will be going over all the pros and cons and letting you know which one I think you should be using for whatever type of website you decide you are making.

So let’s jump over to my computer over there and let’s get started. Coming up first on the list is gonna be Bluehost.

Bluehost Web Hosting

Now honestly Bluehost does come top when it comes to WordPress hosting and web hosting companies in general they offer very very cheap but high quality WordPress hosting plans to pretty much anyone, individuals bloggers small business owners anyone at all.

Something to note is that the hosting plan lengths are between 12 and 36 months so they do require a longer commitment but with this they do offer heavy discounts on the combined monthly costs. So some of the features that I like is that Bluehost will offer you an easy one-click WordPress installation and it is literally that easy guys as you see one click and boom WordPress is installed. It’s honestly one of the easiest installations I’ve ever come across from any web hosting service that you also get a free domain with Bluehost as well which is you know it saves you a little bit of money and you also get fast scalability.

You can actually upgrade to a VPS solution with just a single click you also get a free SSL certificate for improved site security and enhanced cPanel that’s easier to use for beginners and you also have a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it the first 30 days if you’re not happy with Bluehost and their services thenyou can get a refund guaranteed you’ll also get access to Bluehost support team which is 24/7 this is some of the best support that I’ve come across on any website ever.

The support staff are very very helpful and responsive and they’re gonna help you work through any site issues very very quickly so if you are looking for the most value out of what you’re paying for a WordPress host then Bluehost should beat the top of your list.

Next up on the list here we have Dream Host.

Dreamhost Web Hosting

Dreamhost does come in a little cheaper than Bluehost starting at 2 dollars and 59 cents per month now dream host actually offer a number of cost-effective managed and non managed wordpress hosting packages. The lowest cost WordPress hosting solution is what they call this save money shared WordPress package and that is only 2 dollars and 59 cents per month. So this is going to be absolutely perfect for you if you are a beginner just starting out and just want the basics to get you up and running.

Now if you do require a managed wordpress hosting solution then the next package up is called dreampress and that starts from 16 dollarsand 95 cents per month. So the great thing about Dreamhost is that their servers grow with your website. If you require more power because your website has grown in either content or traffic or both then the range of packages it still enables you to scale your site without having to migrate hosts so what I like about some what some of the features that I like with dream hostare they’re easily scalable servers. They’re real time malware scans and sitefixing if hacking does occur they’requick WooCommerce integration and support for e-commerce store owners. That is something that’s very very good with dreamhost. Their cloud server technology that makes your server stack infinitely scalable and a knowledge helpful and responsive supporting behind your site.

They have again not quite as good as Bluehost support but I would say this comes in a solid second place when it comes to support so if you’ve already been using dream host to run your website and are looking to upgrade to a managed WordPress package then this could be the solution you’re looking for plus with this easy scalability you don’t have to worry about a future site migration.

Nextup here we have Siteground.

Siteground Web Hosting

Siteground does actually come in a little pricier than some other web hosts especially the two we’ve looked at so far but siteground is actually one of the most commonly used WordPress shared hosts with its fast speeds great custom support and high levels of security. It is actually a great bargain for the features you actually get it’s also one of the four hosts actually recommended by wordpress.org.

Some of the features that I like from site ground it’s an easy to use one click WordPress installer just like Bluehost very verysimple to install WordPress. It’shonestly just one click and you are doneyou get automatic updates so your site will always be running the latest version of WordPress you also get your free SSL certificate from let’s encrypt. You also have a wordpress staging area so you can view site changes before they go live and they have a built in website caching for improved site performance and loading speeds.

Now SiteGround does have some of the best speeds and honestly they are in comparison with Bluehost when it comes to their support speed. So beyond the features that I’ve just mentioned you’ll also get access to their dedicated support team which is once again 24/7 and with the various hosting packages offered you will be sure to find one that’s the perfect fit for your WordPress website.

A2 Web Hosting

A2-Hosting is an independently owned provider so that makes it pretty unique compared to some of the others while some of the biggest names actually fall under the umbrella of a parent company a – hosting is the only one calling the shots here so the company offers some very very unique hosting features that you won’t find anywhere else.

This provider offers several WordPress hosting plans and they’re separated into two categories the first is again shared wordpress hosting with one of these plans you’regetting unlimited disk space and data transfer while the most affordable plan only allows for one site. The mid-range and top-level plans include unlimited sites and email accounts.

The second option available is managed WordPress hosting just like with every other webpost that we’ve looked at so far. So when the manage plan at your site is stored on turbo servers a two Hosting’s turbo servers offer twenty times the speed as the standard shared server so you do get incredibly fast speeds which I’m sure all of your website traffic will appreciate. Plus you’ll have access to simple one-click staging the Plesk control panel and automatic backups.

So some of the features I like from a2 hosting are the free hack scan protection security feature. They also have those turbo servers available which are just stupidly fast there’s some of the fastest speeds that I’ve evercome across they also have high performance to optimize servers. Lightspeed cache for enhanced performance unlimited storage and bandwidth for shared WordPress plans. You get free site migration, a free SSLcertificate, server rewind backup system available for higher tier plans. Theyhave a one-click install for WordPress Joomla Drupal and more and finally cloudfair CDN for better load times across the globe so as you can see a two hosting is filled with different features and it does come in very cheap starting at only two dollars and 94 cents per month.

Finally we have Hostgator.

Hostgator Web Hosting

Hostgator is a very well-known hosting provider for the beginner hosting space a lot of beginners actually start off with hostgator however they also offer stellar WordPress cloud hosting packages that are equipped with a 99% uptime guarantee you’ll find three different WordPress specific packages that caterto single site uses all the way up to those running multiple websites.

So some of the features offered by hosts caters WordPress hosting that I like I discard. it has an easy to use wordpress cloud interface. They have enhanced site performance with a bundled global CDN advanced security protection a quick WordPress installation and site transfers not quite one click like some of the other web posts but it is very very quick and easy to do and it is easily scalable to adjust to higher levels of traffic.

So the package you choose will depend on how many sites you run and your overall traffic levels if you’re looking for an easily scalable WordPress host that will grow with your site without breaking the bank then I definitely recommend you check out Hostgator.

So there we go guys that is it about best web hosting for wordpress. I just showed you my top 5 favorite web hosting providers for 2020, when creating a WordPress website. So if you do have any questions about any of these web hosts at all please drop a comment down below and I will get back to you I am willing to help you guys out. Any links in the article are affiliate links so I will earn an affiliate Commission if you sign up using one of these links but it’s gonna be at no extra cost to you at all.

If anything it will give you is a discount because I am associated with some of these web hosts. So thankyou for reading this article. Please do not forget to give a comment if you enjoyed it. If you found it helpful at all then do not forget to comment. I’ll catch you in my next article.

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