Best Cloud Web Hosting 2020 [120 DAY TESTED!]

best cloud web hosting 2020

All right, guys, the results are in and I’ll take this article and I’m gonna give you an update of my 120 days best cloud web hosting competition I’ve been having with cloud hosting companies. Now if you’re looking for cloud web hosting which is a faster version of web hosting, in this video I’m gonna give you my 120-day result of which companies perform the best.

Now I’ve basically recorded these website statistics for three months such as speed and uptime and take this article I’m gonna give you an update of how they performed against each other. So if you’re looking for cloud web hosting this video is going to basically solve your problem. Now how did I achieve this test? You know how did I get this test in order so what I did here was I basically monitored each website from each cloud hosting company for three whole months and I watched their uptime and their speed as well and I installed the same size theme on all of these cloud hosting companies to provide a real accurate non-biased result.

There’s no inaccuracy or lies in this article. It’s a very accurate result and you can see for the results yourself and you can decide what company you want to go with so let’s go ahead and go to the first company. Now before I begin all of the links for all these companies are in this article. In fact, some of these companies have actually given me exclusive discounts especially for this article and I’ll talk more about that as we go on.

WP Engine

First one is a WP engine. Now I’m gonna recommend this company based on a few factors, based on their speed their uptime, yet also price, because the price can be a very big concern when you’re looking for this stuff. Because it can be expensive you know. Cloud hosting is not cheap by any means so I want to make sure that you guys spend money the right place you know where it fits for your industry.

So different pages have been around for quite some time and they had a very good load time actually. So their load time on average to load this website which is a six-page eCommerce website loaded in around 650 ms which is 0.6 seconds so that is pretty impressive. Now also when you’re looking at these graphs right here you want to see consistency. So are these servers consistently performing at around 650 ms and it looks like here is performing on average of we have 500 ms to 1.5 so that is not that consistent but still it’s not something where it’s like outside of we call it standard deviation which is like two means outsider to 270 to the town of deviations from the mean.

Sorry, I don’t want to talk about statistics and all in calculus but this right here is not that bad. So you can see here how the server has it’s a little flimsy so you know that is a little concerning but at the same time that speed is still very slow. I mean anything under two seconds is ideal for cloud web hosting. Now let’s take a look at their uptime now go ahead and take a look at their uptime right here. Sorry, those are my other websites they had100% uptime for the last three months so 84 days these guys had a hundred per cent uptime which is very impressive and you guys can go to these domains and just check them out yourself.

You guys can go to the site go to the products go to the About Us page and just check it out and see for yourself so I just want to give you an example of what you could expect from these web hosting companies. Now, do I recommend WP engine? Yes. I do. I think they’re actually one of the faster companies and these companies are all kind of priced sort of around the same. They kind of all copied each other so for the month II right here they have an average of $115 now I do have an exclusive discount for you in the description below as well I believe I’ll save you like 50% off or something like that for the first three months so if you do decide to go with WP engine now you can use my code and you will get a large discount at checkout so Adobe engine I recommend them they are pretty good.

Name Hero

Next is name hero. Name hero is one of the most underrated companies on this list. It doesn’t really have a lot of publicity. I guess you can say because these other companies I’ve been around for quite some time, name hero actually performed really well. Their load time on average was 1.17 seconds and these results right here are a little bit more consistent so you can see here how it’s consistently loading between 1 to 1.5 which is pretty good. Now, name hero actually had some really good uptime as well they only had 5 minutes of downtime since they get the September 16th all the way to December 16th.

So that is really good you know. Now the thing that stands the thing that name hero stands out more than other companies is their pricing is among the cheapest on this entire list. So I do have a special discount for the name heroes as well in this article. I would probably recommend going with named hero because right here you can see that you can get the business cloud for only $11.99 month and other companies I want to show you they’re gonna charge you somewhere between the lines of 30 to 100 dollars a month.

Now this right here is an exclusive discount so if you go to their website by yourself you’re not gonna see this discount and again I don’t know how long this discount I have but usually they gave me like 39 per cent so if you do want to try a cloud hosting I’ll leave a discount for you all in this article. You can check it out but again I do think it’s worth checking out because these results right here are really good and for that price it’s really hard to beat.

Liquid Web

Next is liquid web and liquid web has been around for quite some time and they actually did really really well on my previous web hosting competition. In fact, they perform the best as far as cloud hosting. Now right here you can see they’re low time on average is 688 ms which is again 0.6 of a second but 0.7 give or take and you can see here how they’re low time is basically it’s consistent you know anything above- standard deviations from the mean are on average basically saying anything like if I were to go to two seconds that would be inconsistent from one second because that’s one to Saturday something like that and then right here we have our uptime and they did have some downtime, unfortunately, they did have 41 minutes of downtime which I hate to say is a little bit longer than most companies on this list. But you know from November 12 all the way to December 16th that’s still not bad.

I mean that’s just a few minutes it’s like a few seconds. Today it’s really not a big deal. I do also have an exclusive discount for liquidweb as well I believe it gives you 50% for the first three months so if that’s something that you want to check out now. The one that I use right here was the what was it. It was managed WordPress right here. The magic of WordPress can be a little pricey.

I’m not gonna lie so it can be just a little expensive and the one I used was right here was a professional. So it will charge you around $100 a month but then again you get a hundred gigs of storage which is a lot of storage. To be honest, in fact, most companies don’t offer that much. In fact, when we compare that to something like WP engine right here they’re only giving you 20 gigs of storage. So that is a very big difference. So at that point, it’s kind of hard to say because I don’t know what kind of site you’re running but if you’re running a site with a lot of images or even video I would recommend liquid web here because they’re giving you a lot of storage compared to other companies. So at that point is kind of Viking you got to kind of study the give or take between these companies to find out what’s good for you and your website’s.

So do I recommend liquid web? Yeah, in fact, I would recommend every company on this list except for one there was one a little neutral about but we’ll talk about them a little bit at the end of this post.


Next is kinsta hosting and kinsta hosting again is really popular I mean they’re on elegant things blog and many people talk about them. You probably might have seen them on various websites etc and they actually had some good low time as well so they’re low time on average was around one point one seven seconds and again that’s very good. I mean anything below two seconds for cloud hosting is what you want I mean one second I mean point one seven seconds and then the other one was like 668.

You’re not gonna see that with the human eye so for example if I compare this speed right here with this speed right here I mean we’re talking about half a second and again half a second you’re not gonna see with the human eye. You’re just not gonna see it like we can’t our brains can’t function that fast.

So even though this has a longer loading time than other companies don’t take it out of the game yet because you have to look at what else they offer etc. Now they’re up time again was incredible so these guys also had zero per cent downtime. So the site never went down so that’s pretty incredible.

Now take a look at their pricing and their plans, there is something that I’m gonna say negative about these guys but right here you can see their 100-month plan. 5 WordPress installs on a thousand visits 30 gig space and that’s really not bad at all and they also give you free migrations as well.

Now this company has a hack free guarantee so they will guarantee that your site does not get hacked and that’s a pretty big guarantee. They’re pretty big on security with kinsta. So if you want to try out Kinsta you have a very sensitive website then maybe kinsta is the right choice for you.

Now I want to go ahead and say something right now. This company does not have phone support so if you have a problem with your websites and you know stuff breaking or something’s not working, you can’t call them you got to do the live chat and that’s not bad but I personally hate filling out tickets. I think tickets are really annoying and if I’m gonna be paying $100 a month I kind of want to access to a phone.

You know I want to say hey man if I have a problem I want you to be able to pick up my phone because I’m paying a hundred bucks a month you know but then again you don’t need to always have a phone and I’ve been there when you have customers who are like oh dear oh this isn’t working. It’s they’re false it’s like a man like this is something that you did.

You added some CSS or HTML code to their WordPress statement broke it. That’s not the hosting companies the falls either but again I do recommend kinsta. I think they’re a very solid company and I think that you know this right here it’s great you know to check them out they’re good.


Next is and again has sort of the same pricing. I’m sorry to get is actually some driving school for kids or something like that. So make sure you don’t go to the wrong websites but looking at their monthly plan right here they have around $115 and again a hundred thousand visits 20 gig disk space etc.

Now when we compare that to kinsta in says giving us 30 gigs as well over here liquid web giving us a hundred gigs so that can be a very very big difference comparing the companies going back over here. Though let’s take a look at the results now I’m just gonna give you a screenshot of how they did from my last test which was 60 days and unfortunately I had to delete the domain because I know we’re on it but the server response time was 0.6 seconds and their average load time was one point one eight seconds.

I do actually have screenshots as well so this was the screenshot that I took before the site actually went down. But you can see right here how on the average flywheel is performing at one point 24 seconds which is still very good I mean that’s faster than most of these other companies you can see here. How all these companies right here performed at four seconds don’t go within the motion and for the love of God don’t with Hostgator if you’re using post gating or watching this video.

I don’t know just uh I don’t know go get your money back and then click on the links so but then again you know if I will perform really really good they performed neck-and-neck right here with Kinston you can see Kinsta and flywheel performing really really neck-and-neck so you’re gonna ask me what I recommend. You know what it recommends a flywheel absolutely now they do have phone support as well but that is only for their agency plan.

So if you’re the person like me who wants phone supports you’ll need to get the agency plan. Unfortunately, I don’t have a discount for flywheel so you’ll have to pay the regular price that you get with the website but people love flywheel I mean they offer free migrations as well. So if you want to check out flywheel go ahead and go for it.


Lastly is cloudways. This company is a little different than the other ones because you can actually host your website on Barry’s platform so you can host it on the Google cloud you could host it on vulture you can host it on Amazon AWS and they’ll basically manage everything for you now that’s pretty convenient because you know someone that owns a business.

You don’t really care about web hosting, it’s not your business it’s like yes I got to make money you do this you know but here you can host it on the digital ocean who will cloud Amazon AWSvulture as well now the problem with this company that I think is that they’re just too expensive but again that’s only because they’re using other platforms. So let’s say for instance you want to host it on AWS you can see right here they’ll charge you anywhere between $36 a month all the way to 270 for a month.

Now personally you’d be better off just going to the website directly and doing it however it’s not the easiest for beginners so if you’re a complete beginner and you want to co-host on Amazon AWS you’re probably not gonna know how to do it and you’ll have to hire a developer so this company kind of bridges the gap. Amazon AWS is fast now my test was on the Google cloud personally I think you can get better results with Amazon AWS and maybe even vulture but Google Cloud that’s the one I want my test on and let me show you the results right here.

So they loaded at around 1.4 eight seconds which is a second and a half which is the longest out of all the companies on this list or the slowest company on this list. Their server response time was 0.8 0.1 that’s not really bad I mean a second and a half is not that bad but personally I’m neutral about this company because looking at these other companies right there like kinsta and liquid web name hero and also WP engine, you’ll get a little bit better results than going with cloudways and that’s just my personal opinion.

I bet people have great experiences of cloud ways in fact when I say that this company’s slower I mean again 0.48 seconds between one second you’re not gonna see that with the human eye you’re not gonna see point four zero seconds for the eye like you’re not gonna see that. So every company on this list is good and it’s really up to you to decide which one you would like to go with. Personally I think the best value right here is gonna have to be name hero because they’ve just given me such a massive discount and right now I have 70% off of my standard discount is around 39 per cent which is still very good and I mean for $11 a month for those results competing against companies that are charging you $100 a month it’s really hard for me to recommend these other companies.

But then again now this discount was only available I think for them at a time I don’t really know but now that my usual discount is 39% so our thirty-eight per cent. I just want to make that clear because if these prices change in a few months I’m just trying to idle want you guys they come to like you gotta buy it now dude you know cuz I’ve sent those guys I don’t like them but we’ll see what they do.

Now that right there is full only for one month if you go for something like one year or two years or three years I mean the price drastically dropped so for this video if you’re looking for cloud web hosting I’m gonna recommend Name Hero not because of their low time because of their downtime isn’t bad whatsoever and also they had just the cheapest rates out there compared to all these other hosting companies.

I mean I’m just being real you know like I know you want to save money right and I’m just being real so I do have a discount for this company exclusive I also have it for doing WP engine as well so if you don’t want to go with Name hero if you don’t trust them and I know you know that’s a big factor you know you like the way WP engine works etc I would recommend doing pay Wp engine probably second here because again you do get a good amount of stuff, you get a good amount of space they have great customer support and you can call them anytime and I would also recommend as a second third option WP.

I’m sorry liquid web because the results are fantastic I mean the load time is great their prices are actually cheaper because I do have a discount that I’ll give you a discount for three months and the downtime was not that bad before to minutes it’s bad but then again it’s a lot cheaper than other companies like kinsta where you’re gonna have to pay for a hundred. Let’s see right here for a hundred gigs you’re gonna pay $600 a month and with liquid web, you’re only gonna pay a hundred so at that points, if you are running a lot of traffic I would consider those three companies at the top and then I’d recommend kinsta, flywheel and then cloudways.

Last, now that’s just my opinion so you don’t have to do what I’m saying. I’m just giving you the tools to say alright this is you know this is what the options right here this is the pricing differences and stuff like that they do have that hack free guarantee you know that’s also something to consider as well so do your homework find out what you want to do but again I hope this test was helpful but this section just test like three months for me to watch their uptime and their performance as well and I did spend a lot of money on this test if you want to see the original test here I actually tested a shared hosting account as well.

I tested like 15 companies so if you want to check that test I’ll leave that in the description below but again I hope this video is helpful hopefully by now you know which cloud hosting is good for you whether it’s WP engine whether it’s Kinsta, flywheel, liquid web, cloud ways or named hero. So again I hope this video was helpful.

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