Best SSL Certificate For Your Website – Full Cloudflare SSL Installation Guide

best ssl certificate
Cloudflare SSL Certificate

Your Connection Is Not Private and Secure

HTTP connections, by default, are not encrypted. Thus, any data transmitted over this protocol can potentially be intercepted by hackers. The interface of a website seen by a visitor without an SSL Certificate installed reads ‘your connection is not private’. However, when you add a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate to your website, it can be securely accessed by visitors. They can interact with your site without any risk on your part of having your data compromised.

Your Connection Is Not Private
Website interface without SSL Certificate Installation

How To Get Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Website?

This article will give you a brief tutorial about finding the best SSL certificate for your website and its installation guide.

Why Use an SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website?

HTTPS / SSL is advisable for any website, especially the ones that gather user information, such as credit cards, payment information, login details and more. You absolutely need to install an SSL certificate if you are running a membership website or an eCommerce store or any other site that needs users to login. Almost all online payment services require your website to use HTTPS / SSL in order to process payments for you on your website.

SSL certificate, other than security, also establishes a positive impression for your business among users. Google also advises the use of SSL. Research indicates that websites enabled with SSL can get slightly higher rank in the SERPs. Also, if there is no SSL certificate in your website, the Google Chrome browser will display the message to surfers that your site is not secure. Such a message can have a negative impact on your business image. Users will not trust your brand if it has an unsafe website.

How Does SSL Certificate Work?

SSL safeguards information through the encryption of data transfer between your website and the browser of users.

Once your HTTPS / SSL website is visited by a user, his browser will first verify whether the SSL certificate in your site is a valid one.

In case everything checks out, the public key of your site will be used by the browser for data encryption purposes. Then, the data is returned to the website where a confidential private key and the public key is used to decrypt it.

How Much Does An SSL Certificate Cost?

The cost varies across certificate authorities, and the pricing is likely to be in the range of 50 – 200 USD per year. Add-on services are being offered by a few providers along with their certificates, which can also affect your SSL certificate cost.

Basic SSL certificate plans can come in about 35.99 USD per year and is available with a security warranty of 10,000 USD with the seal of TrustLogo website. Once you have bought an SSL certificate, you can have it installed with the help of your hosting provider.

Can You Get a Free SSL Certificate?

Many website owners do not wish to use this type of certificate due to the extra costs. This makes many small websites prone to information and data theft.

Fortunately, a free SSL certificate is now being offered by many popular WordPress hosting companies such as Hostinger, Bluehost and Siteground. However, the top hosting provider GoDaddy is not offering a free one whereas the SSL certificate from Hostinger is provided for free for lifetime.

Let’s Encrypt, a non-profit project has established a free certificate authority. It aims to help webmasters get an SSL certificate free of cost.

Cloudflare offers the best SSL certificate free for encrypted transmission of data between your web server and browser of users. This certificate is able to make your main domain as well as subdomains completely secure. So why pay for SSL certificate when we can obtain one from Cloudflare SSL.

Installing The Best SSL Certificate From Cloudflare SSL

Here is how you can add the best SSL certificate from Cloudflare to your WordPress website for free:

cloudflare sslbest SSL certificate
Free Cloudflare SSL Certificate Installation
  • Create an account on
  • Login to your Cloudflare account and click on Add A Site button.
  • Enter your website’s domain name in the blank space and click next.
  • Now select the Free Package by clicking on the free package button. Now click continue.
  • Scroll top bottom of the page to find the continue button. Press continue.
  • You will find nameservers provided by the Cloudflare. You have to copy both the nameservers.
  • Open your account in your domain registrar.
  • Click on your domain name on which you want to apply the SSL certificate.
  • You will find the nameservers section of your domain. You need to change the default nameservers to custom nameservers. Then paste the nameservers here that you copied from Cloudflare. Click update.
  • You will now receive an email from Cloudflare confirming that your website has been successfully added to Cloudflare free package. Your best SSL certificate is now active.
Cloudflare SSL Certificate Installation Tutorial

After you enable the free SSL certificate of CloudFlare, visitor traffic from web browser to the server of Cloudflare will get completely encrypted.

How to Install a Free SSL Certificate on Your WordPress Site?

Lots of hosting service providers hosting WordPress websites tend to offer SSL certificate free of cost along with their hosting plans. An SSL certificate can, however, be installed manually by yourself. The method of activating SSL certificate through hosting provider is simple. If you are asking yourself How to Install an SSL certificate for your website then you should follow these steps given below. You can activate the free SSL certificate in most of the hosting sites right from the hosting dashboard. Get instructions on SSL certificates on various web hosts.

Bluehost SSL Certificate

  • Sign in to the dashboard of your Bluehost account. Click on ‘My Sites’. Then, click on ‘Manage site’.
  • You can access the panel for SSL options by clicking on Security.
  • Toggle the button before “Free SSL Certificate” to On. It will begin installing the free and Bluehost SSL certificate on your hosting account on Bluehost.

Siteground SSL Certificate

  • Login to your user portal on SiteGround.
  • Go to cPanel.
  • Hit “My Accounts” tab.
  • Next, move to the button “Go to cPanel”.
  • Search the cPanel security section, and hit “Let’s Encrypt.”
  • You can find a dropdown list of every domain you have put into cPanel. You should check one domain in case you have just one site hosted with SiteGround. In case you are hosting many domains and “addon domains” have been added, you can find all those in the dropdown list.
  • Pick the domain where you would want to install the SSL certificate. It is necessary for the setup.
  • Hit the “Install” button.
  • The installation gets completed in around 30 seconds.
  • Now, you should find your SSL certificate under the “Installed Certificates” list.

Hostgator SSL Certificate

  • First, you need to Sign in to your HostGator cPanel account.
  • Look for the “Security” section.
  • Search for the “Let’s Encrypt” icon that should be visible as a luminous padlock. Click on that luminous area. Proceed to the next step.
  • Now visit manage Let’s Encrypt Certificates page. You can find every domain that is available at present.

If your website does not have an SSL certificate that is activated, the “Get Wildcard” / “Issue” button keeps showing up. It has been around since the first month of 2018.

Dreamhost SSL Certificate

  • Visit the Secure Hosting page. You can find a list of domains being shown up.
  • Hit ‘Add’ for the URL that you want to add the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for.
  • Proceed to the following page. On the free SSL certificate, hit the ‘Select this Certificate’ button.

With an SSL certificate installation on your WordPress website, the safety of visitor data can be ensured, more user trust can be gained and a boost in search engine rankings can be achieved.

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How much does an SSL Certificate Cost?

An SSL Certificate from Cloudflare can be obtained and installed free of cost.

How To Renew SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate from Cloudflare can be renewed in a similar manner manually from Cloudflare website. Simply repeat the steps used to activate Cloudflare SSL certificate initially.

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