3 Best Ways To Make Money Online With Domain Names

How To Get Started?

One of the best ways to make money online is related to buying and selling domain names. A domain name you purchase is just like a property you own until it expires. (Domain names need to be renewed every year. You can turn on auto-renew on your domain registrar website in order to automatically renew domain names to avoid inconvenience)

best ways to make money online
Keep Auto-Renew Tab Turned On

With a domain name, you can start making money online in a number of different ways. But before you start making money with a domain you have to purchase a domain name first.

Buying A Good Domain Name

For buying a domain name you can go to a domain name registrar like GoDaddy.com or NameCheap.com and create an account on any of these websites. Then you need to go to domain name search for the domain name in the domain name search bar of these websites.

You can search for a good domain name through a domain name generator website like Domain Name Generator from where you can get a good domain name idea with the availability of the domain also shown along with domain name ideas. In this way, you can easily find a perfect domain name to buy.

After you type in your desired domain name into the search bar of the domain registrar website and press enter, you will receive results immediately showing the availability of the domain name you are looking for. Either that domain name will be available for purchase or it will be unavailable for purchase. If it is available for purchase then you can add that domain to cart by clicking on add to cart button and check out.

You need to have PayPal or Credit Card connected to your account in GoDaddy.com and Namecheap.com in order to pay for your purchase. After your payment for the domain is successful, you will immediately receive an acknowledgement receipt from your domain registrar mentioning the details about the domain you purchased.

After your domain name purchase, the domain becomes visible in your account dashboard. Now you have become an owner of a domain name. You have the authority now to use that domain name in different ways. The best ways of making money online with domain names are;

1) Making a Well Monetized Micro Niche Website
2) Selling Domain Names
3) Domain Parking On Sedo.com

Making A Domain Relevant Micro Niche Website

The first thing you can do with your domain to generate full-time passive income is making a website after purchasing a good web hosting package that is relevant to your domain name and it should be focusing on a micro-niche so that the chances of success for the website stays high.

After making a website around a specific niche, you should start posting unique content on that website. When you have enough content on your website that you start seeing daily visitors on your website then you should submit your website into Google Adsense which is a platform that displays ads on your website and your website starts generating revenue from every single click on those ads generated by your website visitors.

Selling Domain Names

The second thing you can do with your domain name is selling it for a higher price. It is one of the best ways to make money online. A domain name can be sold on different platforms like

GoDaddy Auctions,
Squadhelp.com marketplace, Brandbucket.com,

The strategy can be an auction or fixed buy now price listings. In order to submit your domain name into auctions and marketplace on these websites first, you need to create an account on these websites. After signing up for these websites you can submit your domain name for selling.

Platforms like Brandbucket and Squadhelp need the approval of the submitted domain before it can be listed on these websites. These websites also charge $1 for each domain name submission. Sedo and Afternic do not require a domain name to get approved first and you can simply list any domain for selling on these websites for free.

Before buying a domain name you can check the appraisal value of the domain you intend to buy. You can check the approximate value of your domain name through Estibot.com and GoDaddy Domain Appraisal. Knowing the appraisal value of your domain name is helpful in getting an idea about the realistic selling price of your domain name.
The following are the examples of highest price successful domain sales ever.

CarInsurance.com – Sold for $49.7 Million

Insurance.com – Sold for $35.6 Million

VacationRentals.com – Sold for $35 Million

PrivateJet.com – Sold for $30.1 Million

Voice.com – Sold for $30 Million

Internet.com – Sold for $18 Million

360.com – Sold for $17 Million

If you hold a valuable domain or manage to find a good domain name and buy it then you can easily earn huge amount of money with your domain name. Keep searching for good brandable domain name ideas, brainstorming to find a good domain name can lead to success in this business.

Domain Parking

Domain parking is the 3rd option for you if you want to generate some passive income from your domains. You can go to Sedo.com and submit your domain name in Domain Parking Section of Sedo.com. Here your domain name will get a landing page with ads on it from which you will generate revenue when someone clicks on those ads. Your profits are credited to your account. Godaddy also provides domain parking option but it is not for free and it requires a monthly fee. Whereas, on Sedo.com domain parking can be availed for free.

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